Reformance, Espacio Mediodía Chica, Madrid
May 9th, 2010

Photos: Javier Martín Arrillaga

In this performance the artist reinterprets the work of Yoko Ono “Cut Piece”, giving it a new sense.

Dressed elegantly, the artist gives the audience scissors to cut her dress.

Gradually a chain is revealed locked around her hips like a chastity belt.

The artist tears off a key dangling around his neck and she opens the padlock to, immediately afterwards, re-tie the string around the neck, hands and feet, placing different locks. She drops to the ground and in this uncomfortable position, stand by, and then spit to the key, which public should use to open the locks.

This action reflects the repression that can be hidden under the best-looking and, in many cases, is a self-imposed repression.