Infr’Action Festival International d’Art Performance Sete (France)
September 19th, 2009

Photos: Nieves Correa

The subject of this action is the transition from childhood to adulthood and how this path is a blind search.

At the beginning, the artist tried to convey a sense of childhood with the game of hopscotch, song singing and the smell of strawberry bubble gum.

The artist gave to the audience grenades bearing a smiley face painted like a kind of doll. But these grenades, very beautiful on the outside, are bitter pomegranates are not sweet or savory.

She, disguised as Little Red Riding Hood with a blindfold on, take a cane of blindness and started the metaphorical path from infancy in an unknown direction.

She left a trail of ice cubes and, of course, they melted down.

Then, she remove the blindfold and walked to the beginning again in an attempt to recover the childhood, but it’s gone forever and now she is a woman, represented by the fact of throwing off the costume and wearing heels.